MG-6-BGE Blue with Relief Map


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There truly isn’t another world globe on the market that exudes as much chic, contemporary style as the Mova Blue Green Relief Revolving World Globe – 6-inch. This gorgeous globe actually rotates at a perfect point of balance between gravitational forces and the buoyancy of surrounding fluids, bringing to life the energy of ambient light and the force of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Designed to move at a perfectly quite and peaceful pace, this globe is a pioneer among its kind. The Mova Blue Green Relief Revolving World Globe – 6-inches featured on a beautifully pristine, three pronged acrylic base that elevates the sphere to 9-inches tall, making it the perfect size for bookshelves, desks and tabletops. Blue colored oceans give rise to green and tan continents and countries, giving the sphere a bold yet classic look.


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