Our Story

We are a family owned brick and mortar gallery specializing in luxury home decor, fashion, art, fine jewelry, and NFT's for over 40 years.  

Throughout the years we have been recognized for offering incredibly unique jewelry designs using all types of precious and semi-precious stones.  We use only the highest quality authentic materials with the most unique beautiful settings.  We can work with you to design anything you want.  We are accredited by the Gemological Institute of America(GIA), so you can shop with confidence.

We are also recognized as one of the first galleries in the world to world with artists in tokenizing their art on the blockchain.  We can help artists and collectors tap this sector.  

We are here to offer you a luxury shopping experience in person or virtually.  We can also assist in any special interior design projects or installations you may have with the help of our team.   

Please contact us with any questions and be sure to visit our social media channels.